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Does your gut bring you joy? Or does it cause you stress, pain, and discomfort? Do you suffer from chronic constipation, gas, or bloating? I can help.

Homeopathy Classes

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health.


From Juice PLUS+ to Doterra, to coaching packages, you will find everything you need here to help you heal your body’s digestive system.




15-minute phone call

Single Coaching Session


One 45-minute phone call

3 Coaching Sessions


Package of three 45-minute phone calls

5 coaching sessions


Package of five 45-minute phone calls

7 coaching sessions


Package of seven 45-minute phone calls

Pantry detox or Grocery Shopping Tour


90 minutes each

My Credentials

certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach

I graduated with my certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (partnered together with IFM). FMCA is the only coaching certification program that has completely incorporated Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition into the curriculum.


Kelly Harrigan is a gem in the coaching world! I’ve had the privilege to work along side Kelly for many years, but recently decided to work with her as I was struggling with some issues related to my thyroid. Kelly brilliantly set aside our personal relationship and helped me get focused. She has been a gentle yet direct support system, often seeing things within my struggles that I am unable to see for myself. With calm focus, she helps me realize the next steps I need to take and supports me throughout the process. I am forever grateful!

Lisa Rooney

Life Coach & Founder of VibrantLife247

Kelly is knowledgable, professional, friendly, and patient. She took the time to answer any questions and explained the material. The class is very organized and well put together. I liked the fact that the material was reinforced at different times and reviewed throughout the classes.

Gateway to Homeopathy I Alumna

I love Kelly’s natural healing knowledge and her passion to help people live healthier.

Lorraine Donovan

Alan Pinel Real Estate Agent

Kelly helped on two separate health issues with homeopathy alone. Her detailed approach led to the perfect protocols!

Mother of five

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